Rescue Dog in a Remington Masterpiece


• Printed on Archival Paper with Colors that Pop
• Watermark not included on Print
• Free Shipping on orders over $25
• 5″ x 7” | 11” x 14” | 16” x 20” | 24″ x 36″
• Add Fun to your Walls at Home or Work
• Instant Interior Design for Veterinary Clinics, Animal Hospitals, or Shelters
• Your Purchase Supports Rescue Dogs
Or You Can Have your Dog be the Star

Cover Dog: Cowboy

I had the good fortune to foster Cowboy for a few days. What a fun little boy. When the shelter first got him, I was told they thought he was a black dog. After a bath, it turns out he was a beautiful red. He had been eating mud to survive, was coated with it, and was emaciated. Rescue Dogs are so resilient. He was so sweet and affectionate and was even house-trained. He now lives in a happy home. Every Rescue Dog is a Masterpiece.

Rescue Dog Photography, a branch of, provides free photography sessions, along with no-to-low-cost website and graphic design services, to non-profit rescue organizations, helping good dogs find good homes.

Your archival fine art print will boldly and cheerily take on your wall at home, work, school, business, veterinary clinic, animal hospital, grooming salon, shelter, etc. Your purchase supports rescue. In honor of two incredible rescues, Charlie and Max, and the rescues you hold dear, Dog Photography has donated over $50,000 in design services, photography, and fundraising to non-profit rescue organizations.

Have your Dog Star in a Fun Custom Fine Art Print.

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Please note, depending on selected size, your Fine Art Print may be cropped slightly differently than image shown.


5" x 7”, 11” x 14”, 16” x 20”, 24" x 36"

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