How does my purchase support rescue?

Rescue Dog Photography, a branch of, has donated over $50,000 in website and graphic design services and fundraisers for non-profit rescues, along with free photoshoots, hoping a good shot helps a great dog find a good home. Contact Rescue Dog Photography to have a fundraiser for your favorite rescue – and spread the word that Rescues are great dogs with Rescue Dog greeting cards and fine art prints.

Can I have my cat star in a custom masterpiece or fun shot?

Although I’m allergic to cats, you sure can! Cats/dogs/donkeys, etc., and even people can star in your custom print.

I have a really fun picture that I took – can you add my dog?

Rescue Dog Photography is all about creativity and custom work. Contact Rescue Dog Photography with your idea and details, and you’ll hear back with a custom quote and logistics.

How do I have a fundraiser for the non-profit rescue I volunteer with?

Contact Rescue Dog Photography! It’s super easy.

I love my custom print. Can I order greeting cards or additional prints with the same design?

You bet. Your original custom order factored in design time. Contact Rescue Dog Photography for a custom quote and great savings on your next order.

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