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Ann DeMuth

When I get back to my studio after a photo-shoot and look through the pictures, and see a really good shot, it’s incredibly rewarding. I may have just spent 15 minutes or so with each of the dogs, but rescue dogs tell you so much in such a short time. They share their personality and how unique they are. When I look at a picture and can see a window into their soul, it’s an amazing feeling.

I feel like they’ve given me a chance to take that one shot that’s going to speak to that special someone. Someone will see it and say, “I want that dog, I want to be that dog’s person,” and that dog will go from being in a shelter, and whatever the past has dumped on him, to being in a happy home. That’s why I do what I do.

~ Ann DeMuth

Max Rescue Dog Photography

As of January 2021, Ann DeMuth ( & Rescue Dog Photography) has donated over $5,000 in design services to non-profit rescue organizations, including website and graphic design, along with donating over 200 hours of photography work, helping great dogs find good homes.

Adding a shop component in January 2021, she hopes to also help spread the word that rescues are great dogs through fun greeting cards and fine art prints, along with using a portion of proceeds to donate to the rescue cause, and helping to provide fundraisers for non-profit rescue groups. She looks forward to creating custom prints to treasure starring your Rescue Dog, because Every Rescue Dog is a Masterpiece.

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