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Ann DeMuth

When I get back to my studio after a photo-shoot to look through the pictures, and see a really good shot, it’s incredibly rewarding. Rescue dogs tell you so much in such a short time, sharing their personality and how unique they are. When I look at a picture and can see a window into their soul, it’s an amazing feeling.

I feel like they’ve given me a chance to take that one shot that’s going to speak to that special someone. Someone will see it and say, “I want that dog, I want to be that dog’s person,” and that dog will go from being in a shelter or rescue, and whatever the past has thrown at him, to being in a happy home.

~ Ann DeMuth

Max Rescue Dog Photography

Ann DeMuth, with & Rescue Dog Photography, has donated over $55,000 in design services to non-profit rescue organizations, including website and graphic design, along with photography and video work, helping great dogs find good homes.

Rescue Dog Photography also helps spread the word that rescues are great dogs through fun greeting cards and fine art prints. In honor of two incredible rescues, Charlie and Max, Rescue Dog supports rescue, including on-going fundraisers. Contact Rescue Dog Photography to set up a fundraiser for your non-profit rescue organization, and have your special rescue be the star in a custom print, because Every Rescue Dog is a Masterpiece.

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