Rescue Dog Photography


No-cost photography provided to non-profit rescue organizations in the hopes that a good shot will give a good dog a great home fast.


Rescue Dogs, in all their Infinite Glory, on birthday cards, wedding invitations, holiday cards, wall hangings, mugs and more ~


Discerning tastes? Special events? A vet’s office whose walls need more panache? Get it Customized. (No-cost design and web site design services for non-profit rescue organizations.)

Are you a non-profit rescue organization that needs no-cost design services?

Bear, a rescue dog from St. Augustine FL SAFE Pet Rescue

Rescue Dog Photography

Rescue Dog Photography, a branch of, provides no-cost photography, graphic design, and web site design to non-profit rescue organizations. Your purchase supports the ability to provide these services at no-cost, while spreading the word that Rescues are Great Dogs. In honor of two incredible rescues, Charlie and Max, and the rescues you hold dear, 10% of the proceeds from your purchase will also be donated to a non-profit rescue organization.

Ann DeMuth

Rescue Dog Photography

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